Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Opinion on Illegal Immigration Laws

Enforcing Illegal Immigration laws has been a spotlight issue for some time now. In my opinion, not that it matters, enforcing illegal immigration laws is not a priority issue. I can't see turning away people who want to and are willing to legitimately work and contribute to America's economy.

Some I know may feel I'm talking to them when I say what I'm about to say but I have no one in mind. I'm merely speaking my opinion as a contributing member of the American society. In my opinion, America should boot out the millions of people who've made it their life's career living off of the Tax-payer's dime but able to work and let in those who truly want to work and contribute. You want to save billions of dollars and boost the economy--well there you go. A 1-4-1 swap.

Why should we spend money tracking down and Mexican man/woman and ship them back to Mexico after they've busted their butt getting over here to work and improve the lives for themselves and their loved ones when we're wasting billions for people sitting on their butt making excuses?

I lived in Arizona seven years all together and the Hispanic population is thriving. Are they all legal? Who cares...! They're working their butts off. I say if they keep a job and find a place to live then give them a green card... Besides, you've never seen more capable workers. They built an entire complex outside of Luke AFB in only a couple months. The complex is huge! You don't turn people like that away! They'd have already had our major highways fixed years ago.

I'll stop here because I've spoken my peace. But know this; God doesn't turn people away who go to Him with all their heart, and neither should we when people want to find a peaceful home to live and work.

God Bless,
Sean Savage