Friday, October 18, 2013

Don't beat yourself up with depression...

Don't beat yourself up with depression... From The Winning Walk on

Addiction, depression, anger, emotional disorders. These are just a few of the prisons that can hold you captive. So ask yourself a question...How long a journey would you take to conquer the area in your life that holds you back? How far would you go to be free? Would you walk 12 Steps? In a new, life transforming series, Dr. Ed Young and the Winning Walk take you on a journey of restoration...a journey to wholeness. It's called "12 Steps to Freedom", and in it, Ed Young brings the well-known 12 Steps programs back to their biblical roots and adds a wealth of scriptural insights; insights that can help you break free from a lifetime of destructive habits and help you realize your full potential as a Christian; insights that have already helped thousands of others as they've heard this series and applied it to their lives. You can change. You can overcome. Check out the Winning Walk for more:

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