Saturday, November 29, 2014

Disturbing Anti-Christian Speech by President Obama


"Disturbing Anti-Christian Speech by President Obama"

I got your reply Charles and I'm not in the business of debating people anymore in hopes they'll believe, and I have no wish to force them to either convert or lose their heads like Islamic followers of Allah will/are doing. You believe in the One true God of Israel or you don't. You'll listen or you won't, and 99% of those who contact me already have their minds made up not to believe before they attempt to convert me to Atheist Faith using stealthy debate tactics. I've heard all the Atheist excuses a thousand times. That's why I have the featured video that I do on my channel. Atheist get angry and aggressive when they stumble across people like me who share God peacefully. They contact me only to express their hate and to accusing me of forcing my faith on them and then they demand I stop sharing and believing in fairytales. 

These people are blinded by their own hateful hearts that they're actually the aggressive one attempting to force their own Atheist faith on me as well as others any chance they get. They're unable to conceive the idea that people won't die for a fairytale lie, or that world historical records and secular literature match what's written in the Old & New Testament Bible. They're blinded to the truth that all these Scientific "Theories" they put their faith and eternal destiny in are actually unproven fairytale "guesses" of scientists eager to claim whatever they need to claim in order not to lose their research funding—quickly to claim, a lie for their fame, but unable to prove just the same... 

If Atheist are really interested in stopping a group of people from forcing their faith on them and want to know who they are and what they're currently up to then the truth can be seen on one of my Facebook news pages (Allah & Sharia Law Exposed) that follows the actions of the actual religious radicals—

You have the truth from me and you've decided you'll pay your own sin debt. May the Lord Christ Jesus have mercy on your soul. More Comments: