Friday, November 21, 2014

Colorado School Changes Pledge To One Nation Under 'Allah'? — The Tea Party

Am I the only one who feels like we are now fighting this 2000 year old holy war right here in American? 

Is our reason for our going to war against Islam not to crush this Islamic threat, their violence, and their murderous belief in this same Allah which is their purpose and motivation behind all their terrorism again peaceful people and religions?

We, the U.S. Military Soldiers, have been fighting and dying to crush this very same Allah that "Americans" are allowing in our schools, colleges, Judicial Systems, White House, and now our Pledge...

Those of you in Colorado that allowed this to happen are TRADERS against America! You've slapped all true and loyal Americans in the face! You've taken a huge dump on every sacrifice made by me and all other U.S. Military members! All of you! Your school and staff members, your Mayor and local Law Enforcement, your elected officials, and your Governor! Traders...! All of you who put up no fight against your new Allah god or offered no resistance are Traders until you die and even then in death!!!

P.S.  Lets just assume Colorado that my opinions of you here are the same as that of the majority of my Active Duty Military brother & sisters, since the wearing of their uniforms restricts their Freedom of Speech, making public statement, and commenting to the Press without leaderships approval.

Sean Savage, USAF (Ret.)