Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Nation of Israel is Born

For the Jewish people to be conquered in the own land, turned to slaves, scattered to the four winds throughout the world, slaughtered by the millions as they were worth less then the price of cattle, and then take back their original land to again become the Nation of Israel again has never and never will happen again. God punished His chosen people because of their sins against the One True God of Israel, but God vowed not to destroy them completely and that He would give them back their small piece of real-estate called Israel. The Jews had no power as a people, no identity, no voice, and were the tribes nearly destroyed. Who but God could have put a decimated people such as them back in their own land...

God promised it, His prophets wrote His promise down, and God made it happen—in my lifetime. Truly amazing! Glory to our Mighty God and Father forever and ever, amen.