Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Person And The Music

"While traveling on an airplane, I noticed that one of the audio channels featured music from a CD titled "The Buena Vista Social Club." Normally, that wouldn't have grabbed me, but this time I tuned in and enjoyed the selections. A few weeks earlier, I had seen a documentary film that told the story of the featured musicians. Famous in the 1960s, they were all but forgotten, then rediscovered and brought together for this recording, as well as a performance at Carnegie Hall. Because I had learned about them through the film, I became interested in hearing their music.

Have you had a similar experience with Jesus? Before you came to know Him personally, the Bible may have seemed remote and uninteresting. But now it's personal and alive because you know the author as your Savior and friend.

What a change Christ makes in our lives! In Ephesians 2, Paul celebrated this transformation. He began, "You He made alive, who were dead" (v.1). Now that Christ lives in our hearts, we want to hear His "music" in all of its expressions--through His Word, His creation, and His people.

Everywhere we look, we can see the work of Jesus Christ, the creator and conductor of life. Get to know Christ personally, and you will love to hear His music." --David McCasland

"The name of Jesus is so sweet,
I love its music to repeat,
It makes my joy full and complete,
The precious name of Jesus." --Martin