Saturday, June 30, 2012

"Be Prepared"

If death comes today, will you be prepared to meet God? (Read: Romans 5:1-11)
    Just as her friends were doing, my daughter Melissa was busily preparing for adulthood.  At school, she was getting ready for college by taking the right courses and had signed up for the ACT college entrance test.
    Outside of class, Melissa was learning the socialization skills it takes to get along with people by spending time with friends, classmates, and teammates.  At her job, she was learning the relational skills needed for a future career of work.  At home, Mell was preparing for future family life by experiencing the way a Christian family would interact.
    Getting ready for life as an adult takes work, and Melissa was making good progress.
    But none of that preparation was what she would need.  In 2002, when she died in a car accident at age 17, the only preparation that mattered was her readiness for heaven.
    When the truest test of preparedness came so suddenly on that beautiful June evening--when eternity's door opened for Melissa--she was prepared.  She had put her faith in Jesus and trusted His sacrifice on the cross for her sins (John 3:16; Rom. 5:8-9).
    When she faced the ultimate test of being prepared, Melissa was ready. Are you? --Dave Branon
"God's time is now, for the days fly fast,
And swiftly the seasons roll;
Today is yours, it may be your last;
Choose life for you priceless soul!"