Thursday, March 15, 2012

How Broke is the Air Force?

  If active duty and reserve forces are worried, shouldn't you be as well??? I was talking with a buddy of mine at work today and he brought up a good point that I wanted to share. We currently have roughly 2-3 hundred thousand in our Air Force, which is nothing compared to the number of retirees we currently have. What's going to happen to their retirement paychecks when America files for bankruptcy? That's a good question right? I hadn't thought about it and I'm sure many others haven't either.

  Not only should retiree's be worried but also those like myself who are close to retirement. We're talking all ranks here, from Generals on down to Staff Sergeants, and lets not forget the thousands that have been medically retired because of war... The retirement we've earned will simply be gone, hundreds of thousands instantly forced into starvation. America "Land of The Great" they used to say. And think about this, we're not going to have anyone to turn to, State or Federal. They'll simply say "We don't owe you anything anymore."

  The average O-5 (LtCol) earns about $7500 each month and a E-5 (SSgt) around $3200 monthly. You don't, and I repeat, you don't want to know how much a general makes! How much longer can our nation pay it's active duty with all our debt, and still pay retirement salaries? Americans, it's not a matter of if we go bankrupt, it's a short matter of when...What happens then?

  One possible avenue is we put active military members on a 401k retirement plan, but for the hundreds of thousands of retirees and injured veterans who will instantly lose all income, well, I hope you can hunt and fish because looks like that's the only way you're going to feed yourself and your family.

Disclaimer: This in no way represent the opinion of our Government or any branch of the US Military. It's simply my own best guess of our future.