Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Tolerance & Judgment

Tolerance means in this day and time that you can't tolerate somebody and disagree with them at the same time. It's this definition of tolerance that's weakened the Church and suppressed the Word of God in America. Followers of Jesus Christ must not buy in to this definition of tolerance any longer. 

Another issue I run in to frequently is this misunderstanding of the meaning of judging. Not knowing the difference between judging and telling a person what they need to hear has deadly consequences for lost souls who need Jesus but can't find Him. If I had a $1 for every time a Christian accused me of judging others Then I could fund my online ministry permanently.

So, what is judging? Judging is accusing a person of something, convicting them for that wrong doing, and then sentencing the person to be punished for that wrong doing.

Telling individuals they need Jesus because they're sinners is not judging. Telling them their sins separate them from our righteous Father and that their sins will condemn them to Hell unless they call on Christ to save them is also not judging. Confronting them about their sin problem is simply an effort to save them for Hell by telling them what they need to know and hear.

God has commanded that all unsaved sinners will go to Hell. Now that's a judgment. We're just telling them about it and telling them of the only way to avoid it is Jesus Christ. So, God's the Judge and we're His messengers.