Saturday, February 21, 2015

Muslim's a Race Not a Religion

I had a Christian friend I've know for several years who contacted me yesterday to request that I remove her from my admin list for this page. I was surprised and disappointed she wanted nothing more to do with the page. Her reasons were that she felt the page contained too much negative content, that I was prejudice towards Muslims, and that I judge Muslims. She stated, "I will not condemn a religion because of a few and I will not pass judgment only pray for them as Jesus did and would want us to." I was pretty shocked but agree, according to Scripture, believers should not judge unbelievers but may judge those within the church. I've been witnessing online since 2007 and I've had countless people contact me wanting me to change, stop, add, or believe something but this was a first from a close friend.

In this line of God's work, people are quick to make assumptions, assumptions about things I posts or they only believe what they want to believe from something I've posted. So, in order to clear up any confusion about my opinion of Muslims I'd like to state a few things.

I'm not a news man and I don't just toss the word "Muslim" in to the titles of my posts like news media does, and I don't hate Muslims. When I say Muslims I mean just that--Muslim. When I say Islam I mean Islam. If I post something to expose this false murderous religion we call Islam and you see me mention Muslims then that post is tied somehow to an Islamic Muslim group. That doesn't mean my post is about the entire Muslim race. I post this sort of news to expose Islamic Radicals who've infiltrate our systems of government here in the United States and to ensure my readers are aware. Anyone who made even a small efforts to understand this by reviewing older posts of mine would come to understand my real motives and opinions. I'll leave you with a couple YouTube comments/replies that are around a year old that shows just how I feel on this subject and how long I've been dealing with assumptions.

Thanks for listening!